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As a trusted brand in the global markets, FunPlus is keen on the future development of games from independent studios. They have invested $50 million into their IndiePlus initiative, which is held annually in the US attracting talent from across the globe. Here we saw the success of many titles including Rodeo Stampede and Reigns, both winners of the IndiePlus awards.  

Indieplus2017 website:http://indieplus.game

One of the IndiePlus2016 winners (YouTube link): click to watch

FunPlus strongly believes that investing in outstanding teams and studios is the key to a successful product. Recently they have participated in several rounds of investment projects:

Blizzard's former chief creative officer Rob Pardo, of BonFire studio

Chinese Game Designer Jenova Chen (陈星汉) of Thatgamecompany

USA's top gaming team Cloud9

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