Industry researchers & Due Diligence executive

Job Discription:

1. Collect cross-country industry information/provide industry analysis of interactive entertainment categories e.g. Game/Livestream/Esports etc.;

2. Assist strategy team to conduct due diligence analysis for potential investment opportunities;

3. Prepare regular business intelligence reports with deep diagnostic analysis of popular games/apps;

Candidate Requirements:

1. Year 3 undergraduate/Y1 graduate student;

2. Excellent English, both spoken & written;

3. Eagar to learn, willing to face the challenge;

4. Strong data analyzing capability/logical&critical thinking, familiar with search engines/database & other  information resources;

5. Prefer students who have rich knowledge of game/ esports/ livestream; 

City: Beijing

Others: Part-time job, offer full-time job to those who perform excellent

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