User Researcher(Beijing/Shanghai)

Job description:

1.Provide insights into our games and players to help our studio make more informed decisions;

2.Work with various stakeholders and fellow researchers to define the potential problems that will facilitate the development of research;

3.Design research to ensure a perfect match between methodology and execution;

4.Conduct research, including lab playtest, analysis of player behavior data or field interviews;

5.Share the results of your research with teams across the entire studio;

6.Work with fellow researchers and various stakeholders to define recommendations of  product improvement based on data analysis.


1.Native level proficiency in English or Japanese, both written and verbal;

2.Rich mobile game experience as a player is required;

3.Background in UX or human-subject research such as human-computer interaction, human factors, informatics, cognitive science, psychology is a plus;

4.Familiar with different research methods and able to adopt the best method for a given research problem. 5.Proven experiences with both quantitative and qualitative research methods;

6.Comfortable with communication face-to-face, via email and by phone and in group settings both formal and informal;

7.A demonstrated passion for mobile games.

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