Game Operation Specialist--Japanese(Beijing)


● Customer Service: Solve game related issues for players!

1. Professionally resolve players’ questions, submitted to our CS channels and report to the game studio;

2. Manage and collect players' feedback on CS channels and community pages;

3. Compile reports for major questions and key CS metrics tracking;

● Community Management: Help players stay informed about game updates through different social media channels!

1. Manage day to day outbound communications and track key metrics; 

2. Maintain communication with moderators to drive our community; 

3. Create and administer surveys & share results with game studios; 

4. Create fun contests and analyze their performance; 

5. Conduct market research to become the market expert of your region, and report emerging trends and potential opportunities;

● Localization & Testing: Make sure games are translated correctly and running smoothly in your native language by testing them!

1. Translate from English to your native language, while retaining the style of the game; 

2. Test translations and new functionalities before an update is released; 

3. Report on game bugs or other glitches and issues.


1. Gamer (preferred); 

2. Fluent in the related language (Native speaker or Chinese); 

3. Fluent in English;  

4. Familiar with Microsoft Office/Google docs; 

5. Customer service/Marketing experience is a plus;

6. Basic understanding of Chinese is a plus, but not mandatory; 

7. Candidates who qualify for a Chinese visa or candidates who can get a Chinese visa to come to China are preferred.

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